«Networked learning» is a concept whose purpose is to define an emerging research field characterized by the transversal and ubiquitous presence of technology in education. However, it lacks explanatory force because it is pinned to the anthropocentric principles of modern humanism. Such principles consider technology and «the human» as ontologically different areas and they place the human being at a central and ruling position. In this text, I present an ontological and epistemological post-humanist restatements of the actor-network theory (ANT) that allow an original definition of networked learning. This network works because different human and non-human agencies associate and continue performing their functions. As soon as they stop operating, the network disappears. There could be knowledge but not learning before and after the network. The purpose of educational research is to track down how learning networks originate, how they strengthen, how they associate to other networks and how they disappear.

Descarga: «Post-humanist principles to research the networked learning»